A dream: this is how Tectubo was born, company which until then was part of the Replast Business Group – industry that operates in the packaging and disposable field.

After years of partnership, September 18th, 2002 is the day known as a landmark for Tectubo, because the search for autonomy was given as crucial to definitely fill a post in the brazilian tubes market, as well to open the range for innovations that the market craves.

The desire to reach new markets combined with the challenge of satisfying an even more demanding public was constantly growing. Therefore, Tectubo evolved in the market, offering solutions in building systems and infrastructure – all manufactured according to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) requirements. Tectubo, in its existence, faced obstacles with wisdom and boldness, always looking forward, without forget its rich past.

The factory is located in Maceio, in the Governador Luiz Cavalcante Multisectoral Pole, in the state of Alagoas. Operates with sophisticated last generation equipment and a highly qualified and committed to satisfy the customer team. Its industrial management stands out for its constant search for new technologies to offer products with competitive prices and assured quality.

But Tectubo does not stop and releases the liners and PVC accessories line in order to enhance the most diverse environments. The liner’s collection comes to meet the already established market and explore other niches.

We understand that the success is given by the meaningful dedication of our employees and can be felt in the quality of our products and services.
Tectubo – the quality you trust!